Our staff services the entire tri-state area and includes our founder who has been conducting residential and commercial building inspections since 1969.  All of our inspectors are actual Professional Engineers.  We are knowledgeable in residential and commercial construction methods.  We can also help you with environmental concerns that you may have.  Our services include:


·       Prepurchase building inspections for residential and commercial use.

·       Wood-eating insect certifications including termites, carpenter ants, powder post beetles, etc.

·       Environmental testing including asbestos, lead, electromagnetic field (E.M.F.), radon screening, Phase I reports and Phase II testing, etc.

·        Water tests for potability, lead, radon, etc.





Our inspections emphasize the positive aspects of each structure, and help put any negative findings into perspective through our practical, factual, and realistic evaluation.  We consider our inspections to be a learning experience for our clients.  You will better understand your purchase through the services we render.  We encourage our clients to ask questions.  Our inspectors realize that their work is incomplete unless the client is satisfied with our inspection and all of their questions and concerns have been addressed.




Our reports are thorough, clear, and delivered in a timely manner.  There are no "check-list" type sections in our report.  Each report is customized for your specific property.  We understand deadlines and work well with others to meet them.  Our reports disclose the various aspects of each structure in context through our pragmatic evaluation.  Dozens of photographs taken during the inspection help depict our findings.




We understand that environmental issues are more important today than ever before.  Depending upon your specific needs, these may be important to inspect and test, even though they cannot be seen by the naked eye.  Our range of services may include testing for radon, asbestos, lead, E.M.F., and water potability, depending upon your needs as expressed when you engage our services.




Are you concerned about termites, carpenter ants, powder post beetles, or other wood-eating insects?  We are licensed to inspect and report their presence.  Our inspectors will search for wood-eating insect infestation and point out possible conditions conducive to infestation at your structure.



Do you have questions regarding our services?  Would you like to engage us for your next building purchase? 

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